Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Captain America crafts

Do your kids love superheroes? Whether they are Marvel or DC Comics, my kids do. They have their favorites and not-so-favorites (my kiddos are not crazy about Superman at all) but as a whole, they love those mutant, alien, gadget-slinging superheroes.

This summer is seeing plenty of superhero action with movies galore. My kids and I have already seen "Thor" and "X-Men First Class" and loved both of them.

I found a couple of articles from writer Barbara Henderson for some cool Captain America crafts--a Captain America shield and a Captain America paper bag puppet. I thought these were awesome sauce! So easy and how great would it be to make today on Flag Day or any day. It's Captain America! Go check them out -- How to Make a Captain America Puppet and How to Make a Captain America Shield.

Great ideas and so easy! Wonder what she's got for the Green Lantern?

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